Maher & Greenwald Fine Gardens works directly with homeowners, Architects, Developers and Builders
to integrate existing or newly designed structures and other site amenities perfectly into
their surroundings.

Whether for a single family residence, library, office or community park, we help to locate
and design terraces, driveways, pools, parking or gamecourts and create lovely landscapes
and beautiful gardens. We link together the elements of buildings and land in a way that
is aesthetically pleasing and makes everyday life more enjoyable.

While not every house or garden needs a plan or drawings, there are times when a Site Plan
is called for. The design of a property in vertical section, paying attention to topography and
levels, is quite often the single most important factor in properly placing structures and plantings
in their surroundings. This can easily be the driver behind the work and the costs for everything
from a Pool or Septic design to how easily your family and friends will arrive and park.

As well as designing Hardscapes, Landscapes, Gardens and other site amenities our background
in Architecture, Planning and Construction also enables us to offer Field Supervision and consulting
services to aid Architects, Builders and other professionals design and manage project sites.

Our experience helps to insure that things are done in the proper sequence, that they are done beautifully, and that they are done once.